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40 Guys in 30 Days: Everybody Else

So far this month I’ve profiled 29 guys. Because the 60-day DL is a thing, that leaves 16 players yet to get their day in the sun. Unfortunately, none of them are really interesting, so let’s talk about them all here.

The remaining players can be split into four groups: Good relief pitchers, bad relief pitchers, prospects that aren’t ready yet (and probably never will be), and crappy depth pieces who a good team would stash at AAA in case of injury.

Good Relief Pitchers
2013 contract status in parentheses
Scott Atchison (not yet arb eligible)
Craig Breslow (Arb 3; $1.8 million in 2012)
Rich Hill (Arb 3; $725k in 2012)
Mark Melancon (not yet arb eligible)
Vicente Padilla (free agent; $1.5 million in 2012)
Junichi Tazawa (not yet arb eligible)

It’s hard to believe that Atchison is a gazillion years old but doesn’t have enough service time for arbitration yet. I expect Padilla to be gone, and there’s a nonzero chance that Breslow will be non-tendered just to save money, but most of these guys should be in the mix for bullpen spots out of spring training, unless they get traded.

Special attention should be paid to Tazawa, I think; coming off of Tommy John and in his first season as a reliever, he has 43 strikeouts against just five walks and one homer allowed in 41 innings pitched this year. I can definitely see him becoming a big part of the bridge to Andrew Bailey next season.

Bad Relief Pitchers
Pedro Beato
Chris Carpenter
Clayton Mortensen

Oh, look, all three of these guys are pieces of crap that the Red Sox added in stupid trades where they gave away a guy I like for no reason other than to make the team worse. How about that? Sadly, they’re all pre-arbitration, so they probably won’t be made to go away just yet.

Not-Ready-Yet Prospects
Drake Britton
Ivan De Jesus
Che-Hsuan Lin
Stolmy Pimentel

Honestly, calling these guys prospects is a stretch; they’re all bad, but they just haven’t failed at the major league level yet. Stolmy and Britton are the best parts, if for no other reason than because they’re the furthest from the bigs, but in all likelihood nobody on this list will ever be even an average player.

Crappy Depth Pieces
Mauro Gomez
Guillermo Quiroz
Danny Valencia

Mauro’s hit surprisingly well since his call-up, but not good enough to be anything more than a Jeff Bailey type given that he’s only a first baseman. Quiroz is a third catcher, and the most interesting thing about Valencia is that his OPS+ since joining the Red Sox is 9.

Yes, nine.

And that wraps it up! Sometime soon (not tomorrow, but probably in the coming week) I’ll take a more in-depth look at the way the 2013 roster is shaping up, and what I think the Red Sox need to do over the winter in order to put a respectable, competitive ballclub on the field for the first time since August of 2011.

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