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Game 157 Recap: Cease your ingress!

Highest WPA: Dustin Pedroia, .033
Lowest WPA: Aaron Cook, -.461

Welp. What do you want me to say? I watch this shit so you don’t have to folks. Partially because I have no life, partially because I live in bumfuck nowhere and have nothing better to do, and partially because I’m still entertaining thoughts of being a professional writer someday. This was some godawful shit tonight. Down six runs by the end of the first. The FIRST INNING. A grand fucking slam in the first, three more runs from Alfredo Aceves and the game was basically over. I mean that too, the Red Sox only managed one hit in the entire goddamn night and it came in from the first batter of the first inning. But hey, at least they had a lead! For half an inning. Yeah. And hey, Orioles fans really sounded like they were enjoying themselves. So I was right on two predictions: Aaron Cook was awful and O’s fans were very happy tonight. Good to see!

Gonna drown my sorrows in Sprite knockoff beverage now because I’m pretty sure that if I drank I would’ve died of alcohol poisoning after this shitfest.

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