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Game 155 Recap: Aw rats.

Highest WPA: Daniel Nava, .056
Lowest WPA: Clay Buchholz, -.174

Well, I told you that David Price was having a good year. I think I also said that Pedro Ciriaco is awful, so I got to be right on both counts tonight. Price pitched a complete game and struck out 13 batters while only allowing two runs. The Red Sox did their best to run themselves out of innings (hello Pedro Ciriaco) and let rallies fall short while Clay Buchholz couldn’t repeat the success he had last time out, and the Red Sox lost fairly decisively in the second-to-last home game of the year.

As far as good news goes… um…. Manny is sorry he hit his wife? There’s that I guess. Members of the 2004 squad were all over the park, and jokes about 40 year-old ex-players fitting right in on this squad abounded on the Internet. At least we got to see footage of Pedro Martinez pitching, probably the best Red Sox highlight of the entire season (and it came from a different year, naturally). Maybe tomorrow we can bring back the 2006 squad to memorialize this season’s yearlong collapse.

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