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Game 148 Recap: Lady Gaga Shaves.

Highest WPA: Jacoby Ellsbury, .337
Lowest WPA: Cody Ross, -.084

So how does it feel to ruin someone else’s season for once? Tonight Aaron Cook was actually useful on the mound, Jacoby Ellsbury hit a go-ahead home run after the team had been no-hit into the sixth inning, and a series of defensive blunders by the Rays actually lead to the Red Sox taking a big lead. Even better, the Red Sox held onto that lead and won the game! Most surprisingly, members of the other team got into a fight for once, as starter Alex Cobb and catcher Jose Molina got into an argument in the dugout between innings, presumably over a passed ball allowed by Molina.

After this loss, the Rays are five back in the Wild Card chase with fourteen games left to play. This is bad news for Rays fans, who in case you need me to tell you, didn’t actually bother showing up anyway tonight. Despite their pitching, tonight demonstrated how bad Tampa’s offense is, as Joe Maddon trotted out awful pinch-hitter after awful pinch-hitter in the late innings. The Red Sox bullpen made things pretty boring in the late innings, even though Mark Melancon allowed BJ Upton to score Tampa’s second run in the bottom of the 9th. As Boston’s season slips away, they seem content to drag the Rays down with them. Playing spoiler is nowhere near as fun as playing for a title, but at least the games still matter to someone.

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