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40 Guys in 30 Days: James Loney

Remember, kids: When you’re trading away the best player on your team, your #2 starter, and an all-star caliber outfielder, remember two things: 1) Trade them when their value is at the absolute lowest it will ever be; 2) Make sure you get at least one punchline from all the other team’s jokes.

James Loney
2012 stats: 424 PA, .256/.298/.344
76 OPS+, .272 wOBA; 8.5 UZR; 0.2 fWAR, -0.8 bWAR
2013 contract status: Free agent ($6.375 million in 2012)

Loney has never really been what you would call a “good” hitter, especially for a first baseman, but coming into this season he had a career 109 OPS+ and was regarded as a solid enough defender. For a team like the Dodgers that wasn’t really going anywhere and didn’t want to spend money, that was fine. An ownership change, a playoff push, and a cratered season later, Loney became a black hole at a spot where contending teams need a slugger, and the revamped Dodgers had to find a replacement for him, and fast.

You know what happened next.

Yes, Adrian Gonzalez has struggled since going to Los Angeles. No, I don’t think it will continue, and neither should you. The Dodgers added a superstar, a #2 and a potential all-star (although not in 2013 cause his old team was stupid and probably cost him playing time) for a package whose only major league talent was James Loney. They won.

Yes, I did only choose to include Loney in 40GI30D so I’d have another chance to complain about the Soxpocalypse. You want to hear about James Loney? James Loney sucks. He sucks and is bad and if he’s on the team next year I’m going to scream very loudly.

Next time: I bust out the “cheap excuses to post awesome songs tag,” because we all need a little Liz Phair in our lives.

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