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Game 145 Recap: Another Red Sox l- wait, we won?!

Highest WPA: Mauro Gomez, .450
Lowest WPA: Vicente Padilla, -.333

When Vicente Padilla coughed up the lead and the Blue Jays tied the game in the eighth, it looked like another frustrating Red Sox loss. We’ve seen it before, this time appeared to be no different. But then, suddenly, out of nowhere, Daniel Nava made a spectacular catch that almost certianly prevented a gapper that would have scored the go-ahead run for Toronto. Then Brett Lawrie, the go-ahead run, ran into a terrible out at third base, and everything suddenly turned around again. With two runners on and one out in the top of the 9th, Mauro “IL MVP” Gomez hit a triple to put the Red Sox on top and give them some insurance. Then Ryan Lavarnway, who had already hit a three-run homer to tie the game in the 4th, hit a sac fly to left to score Gomez and give the Sox a three-run pad in the bottom of the inning. Andrew Bailey made things rather painless anyway, which is a nice reminder of what it’s like to have a good reliever in the 9th inning instead of a temperamental swingman finishing things off.

Dice-K was good. Not great, but good. He had a traditional Dice-K meltdown in the third inning where he managed to give up three runs on no hits, two of them scoring on two separate wild pitches and one scoring on a fielder’s choice groundout. The Red Sox bullpen was very strong outside of the Padilla disaster, Junichi Tazawa continues to look as if he’ll be an important part of the pen next year and perhaps beyond. I remember when we had a front office dude who was good at plucking out random talented young players like Tazawa and Nava. Hmmm, I wonder what happened to that guy?

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