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Game 143 Recap: At least the Orioles won.

Highest WPA: Jarrod Saltalamacchia, .277
Lowest WPA: Pedro Ciciaco, -.218

Wow, can’t believe the context of that title. Yankee fans can stop the “Pedro Ciriaco is destroying us” cracks because tonight he went back to destroying the Red Sox instead, making an error and grounding into a double-play. Admittedly that error didn’t mean much, but he still contributed to five outs in four at-bats. Aaron Cook somehow managed to look uninhabitable for three innings, then turned back into Aaron Cook and gave up two home runs in the third. Yankees starter David Phelps was okay for five and two thirds innings, but the Yankee bullpen stumbled in the seventh. Joba Chamberlain came into stop the damage and wound up allowing two inherited runners to score and turn things back into a contest again.

Closer Raphael Soriano had to come in to quiet things down in the 8th, a called strike to Cody Ross sent Ross into a rage which got him, Bobby Valentine and third base coach Jerry Royster ejected by home plate umpire Alfonso Marquez. Alfredo Aceves left the game in a huff after Valentine came out to remove him in the seventh, refusing to so much as speak to Valentine on his way off the field. Dustin Pedroia left the game as well after Valentine visited him between innings to inform him that his wife was in labor. In the 9th, the Sox got one run back on a home run by Saltalamacchia, but couldn’t do enough to tie the game.

If anything else, they’re keeping things interesting with this circus atmosphere. Between the Aceves drama, the Pedroia exit and Valentine’s Red Sox season-record sixth ejection it was one Hell of a night. The Orioles won on a walk-off in Baltimore to stay ahead of the Rays and tied with the Yankees, so tonight amounted to another day off the calendar for the contending teams. As for the Red Sox, it resulted in a bunch of somewhat comical drama and another day off of our worthless lives.

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