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40 Guys in 30 Days: John Lackey

Before we begin: I swear that I have not been abducted by aliens in the last 24 hours.

John Lackey
2012 stats: 1 Tommy John surgery
68 cases of Miller Lite consumed (11.41 cans/game, 192 ChuG+)
2013 contract status: $15.95 million (signed through 2014 with club option for 2015)

It’s even less of a secret that I don’t like John Lackey than it is that I don’t like prospects. But any pitcher would be terrible if he pitched an entire season with a torn elbow ligament, and most pitchers would be terrible if they pitched an entire season going through what by all accounts was a very messy divorce.

Basically, John Lackey is not as bad a pitcher as he looked in 2011, and we should expect better performance from him next season (or later this month, if he actually makes it all the way back to the mound). It would be foolish to expect him to return to the form he displayed with the Angels, but then again that was foolish to expect the day we signed him. Would a return to the league-average, innings-eating form we saw from him in 2010 be too much to hope for? In my opinion, probably not.

We shouldn’t assume that Lackey will be able to throw 200 or more innings as he comes off of his Tommy John. But if he can, and if those innings are more like the ones we saw in 2010 than 2011, then he can be a nice (albeit overpaid) addition to the back of the Red Sox’ rotation.

Next time: The DH of the Future!!!

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