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Game 142 Recap: The Yankees, The.

Highest WPA: Jacoby Ellsbury, .479
Lowest WPA: James Loney, -.215

Well, what can we say about that one? Jon Lester walks a kajillion batters, the Yankees fail to cash in for nine innings, and the team wins on a series of infield hits and weak grounders. Lester managed to pass Bruce Hurst on the Red Sox’ all-time list of strikeouts by a left-handed pitcher, even while he was walking the house. Huroki Kuroda was as good as I said he was, which was frustrating and validating at the same time. The Red Sox should’ve scored a run or maybe two even on a series of bizarre hits and errors in the seventh, but instead they managed to squander what was probably their best chance to win the game before the 9th. At one point Bobby Valentine marched out and had a conversation with Lester that was probably directed at the home plate umpire who came in to break things up, although Valentine denies it.

The Red Sox won, which is rare enough these days. Ellsbury’s single to right didn’t reach home quite in time and Pedro Ciriaco scored the winning run after singling to left and advancing into scoring position on a weak Mike Aviles grounder that Derek Jeter had to eat. The Orioles also won, putting them back in a tie for the division lead. Everything turned out dandy for one night. Cool.

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