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40 Guys in 30 Days: Ryan Kalish

I’m going to level with you guys: Putting Ryan Kalish on this list seemed like a much better idea back in August than it does right now.

Ryan Kalish
2012 stats: MLB: 103 PA, .229/.272/.260
44 OPS+, .236 wOBA, -10.5 UZR; -1.4 fWAR, -0.6 bWAR
AAA: 126 PA, .261/.336/.414
2013 contract status: Not yet eligible for arbitration

If Lars Anderson and Michael Bowden hadn’t already made me hate prospects, Ryan Kalish would make me hate prospects. After being drafted in the ninth round in 2006, he rose steadily through the Red Sox’ system; by the time he hit AAA in 2010 and posted a solid enough .832 OPS there, there was talk that he would be the Red Sox’ right fielder of the future.

Injuries on the big league roster brought Kalish to the majors sooner than expected, and he didn’t fare too poorly; in 179 PA he posted an 88 OPS+, including an .808 OPS in September. His 2011 season was lost to injury, though, and 2012 has been a major step backward for him as he once again serves as an injury replacement on the major league roster.

Kalish will be 25 next year, but because of injuries to himself and his big league teammates he’s seen barely half a season’s worth of plate appearances at Pawtucket. The best thing for him, and for the Red Sox, would probably be for him to get acclimated to that level and try to regain some of the potential he was showing two seasons ago. If the Sox expect him to contribute to the big club right out of spring training, I think they’ll be sorely disappointed.

Next time: The most positive post I’ll ever write about John Lackey. God help us all.

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