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Game 137 Preview: Work all day and whaddya get?

1. Who
2. Gives
3. A
4. Fuck?

P: Jon Lester, 5.01 ERA, 141 SO, 53 BB

Well here we are. As of this writing, the team lineups haven’t been posted. Does it matter? The Sox have been outscored 58-16 on this trip so far. They’ve lost all seven games. Sure, if you subtract the 20-2 disaster in Oakland, that record is just terrible instead of abysmal. But who cares? Ben Cherington admitted today that the the team has been “hard to watch.” Well gee thanks Ben, that must’ve taken a ton of soul-searching. Maybe you could make other observations like losing games is “not good” and having a losing record is “bad.” We’d all appreciate it.

The Mariners have been on a hot streak lately, slowly approaching the .500 mark. The odds of them leaving the Angels in last place are pretty low, but the team’s first winning season since 2009 isn’t out of the question right now. Tonight’s starter Blake Beavan only strikes out 4.5 batters per 9 innings, but at the same time he doesn’t walk very many hitters. His biggest weakness is probably the long ball, as he’s surrendered 18 in 120 innings. Since Mariners’ lineups haven’t been posted yet either, I’m just going to assume that a .655 team OPS means they’re going to score 15 runs tonight.

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