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Game 133 Recap: Was it something I said?

Highest WPA: This inanimate carbon rod, .010
Lowest WPA: Aaron Cook, -.338


That happened. In a year where the NESN’s commentary team keeps assuring us that this, THIS is rock-bottom and it can’t possibly get worse, the Red Sox always find a new way to blast through said rock bottom and find an even harder rock bottom beneath it. What can you say about a 20-2 loss? That it was just one long non-stop horror show? That at least nobody saw it? That… I dunno, Junichi Tazawa escaped unharmed? Whatever. This was an awful game played by an awful team and this front office has no one to blame but themselves. With this alleged “rebuild” in full swing, there’s no saying that more losses like this one aren’t in the team’s future this year and Hell, even next year. Or the year after. Buckle in. Or don’t.

Goog edit: I think what we need to focus on here is that Brandon McCarthy pitched an exceptionally strong game. While it’s true that he could have allowed 19 runs and still won, it should be noted that he didn’t; he allowed just two. He’s a swell guy and a great pitcher who is probably too smart to sign with the Red Sox but damn I’m going to keep trying this anyway.

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