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Game 119 Recap: Quoth the Buchholz “Never Score.”

Highest WPA: Dustin Pedroia, .195
Lowest WPA: Nick Punto, -.120

With all the crap floating around this team lately, it’s kind of cool to see what it’s like to actually win a game now and then. Clay Buchholz looked shaky through the first two innings, allowing the Orioles’ three runs. Then Cody Ross threw out Omar Quintanilla at home plate and things turned around for the Sox. Clay ended up pitching eight strong innings, even going as far as to strike out the side on nine pitches in the sixth inning. In case you need me to tell you, that’s a pretty rare feat. It’s starting to look like his back may finally be healthy and he may have his mechanics in order, which is a great sign for the future and evidence of what happens when you don’t let starters pitch hurt (hint hint). Buchholz may never get massive strikeout numbers, but it’s becoming clear that on good nights he can be a ground ball-producing machine who goes deep into games.

On the other side of things, top Red Sox executives were in the front row at Camden Yards, including owner John Henry and chairman Tom Werner. Several camera shots cut to the two throughout the night. Eventually Tom came up to the booth to assure the fans that they knew things were bad right now and that they had every intention of fixing them. That was nice of him, not the action I’d like to see but we have until next February to gear up for 2013. Hopefully they’re planning things that don’t involve massive free-agent contracts.

  1. August 17, 2012 at 3:39 AM

    Given how much whining they’ve done about the luxury tax, and the fact that they’re treating their last two big free agent signings like unwelcome houseguests, I think we can safely assume that ownership won’t be handing out any big deals this winter.

    I’m also much less positive than you are that the group in place now has any idea of what’s actually wrong with the team, or how to fix it.

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