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Game 113 Recap: Continued efforts to murder Craig Breslow.

Highest WPA: Adrian Gonzalez, .205
Lowest WPA: Felix Doubront, -.314

Not much to say about this one really. Felix Doubront came unglued in the 5th inning and threw more than thirty pitches. Pedro Ciriaco hit a leadoff double in the seventh to chase Ubaldo Jimenez only to get tagged out in a hilariously bad double-play on almost unforgivable baserunning errors by both him and Carl Crawford. Craig Breslow pitched an inning despite being nearly worked to death over the last week and walked some dudes because the team is trying to punish him for leaving the first time I think. Adrian Gonzalez hit a home run and seems to be coming around after a terrible first half, so there’s that.

Oh, and Scott Podsednik is back on a major-league deal. Why? Who the Hell knows! A future trade maybe? Or perhaps this is part of Bobby Valentine’s master plan to bat leadoff hitters who can’t hit. Maybe when Ben Cherington heard he was getting back an outfielder he’d tossed away for a reliever, he thought he was getting Reddick back? It’s anyone’s guess!

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