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Game 112 recap: Clay Mortensen faced Josh Hamilton

Highest WPA: Cody Ross, .378
Lowest WPA: Josh Beckett and the slow hook of Bobby Valentine, -.519

Yes, that Clay Mortensen, the right-handed one with the 4.62 career xFIP (much of it in the NL). Fans are supposed to accept that Bobby Valentine is doing all he can for this team, but while Andrew Miller gets left in to fail against righties and Craig Breslow is rode hard for no reason (except on Saturday, when he came in AFTER Mauer hit what would be a game-winning homer), there was no one-out lefty to be seen against one of the league’s premier lefty sluggers (albeit one who’s had a rough second half) in a 9th-inning tie.

Hamilton, of course, singled, sending Elvis Andrus to third where he would score the deciding run on an Adrian Beltre fly ball. Somehow, Alfredo Aceves got around the scariest foul ball of the year and kept the deficit at just one, but none of that excuses yet more managerial blunders. Even after being reminded of the dangers of leaving in a tiring, not-very-good pitcher when Josh Beckett gave up his 7th and 8th runs in the 6th inning, Valentine refuses to get it.

The odds are pretty good that Beckett is pitching hurt, either out of ego or of a sense of duty to try to win back Boston fans’ favor. But this is, of course, less important than the certainty that he is lazy, entitled, and overweight, all of which make irrelevant the fact that Bobby Valentine’s stubbornness and stupidity cost the Red Sox yet another winnable baseball game.

On the bright side, Will Middlebrooks once again demonstrated the power that made Sox fans willing to stand by silently while Kevin Youkilis was driven out of town by an incompetent egomaniac. Unfortunately, Middlebrooks will need to learn to pitch or donate some vast personal fortune to fund the team’s payroll if he is to salvage this franchise’s future while Larry Lucchino and his cronies run it into the ground.

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