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Game 111 recap: Bullet for my Valentine.

Highest WPA: Will Middlebrooks, .222
Lowest WPA: Mike Aviles, -.191

Okay, so tonight didn’t go to well. The umpiring was bad, Dustin Pedroia was tossed for pointing out bad umpiring, Jon Lester was probably screwed over by bad umpiring, and Bobby Valentine gained the support of the Fenway crowd. All in all, not such a good evening. I suppose if I were more of an “old-school” writer, I would cite this as an “emotional turning-point” or something like that. A game where the team rallied around each other after their manager went down standing up for one of his players and lit a fire under them which carried them through the rest of the season and into the playoffs. But given this roster, that doesn’t seem likely.

On the positive side Lester looked good for the first five innings or so, and Will Middlebrooks hit a pinch-hit home run. Junichi Tazawa had a rough top of the 9th, but the team couldn’t be bothered doing much in the bottom of the inning anyway. Mark Melancon continued to be bad, allowing an inherited runner to score and then chipping in a run of his own. Valentine’s continued efforts to kill Craig Breslow have not yet been halted by someone higher-up in the organization. Oh, and the team is under .500 again.

Keep eying that draft pick fellas.

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