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Game 108 recap: Sure glad we kept Ross and Shoppach!

I had a shorter, more terrible writeup ready to go after Ciriaco's homer. Then Ace happened. Thanks Ace!

Highest WPA: Clay Buchholz, .382
Lowest WPA: Alfredo Aceves, -.564

The Red Sox wouldn’t be a contending team even if they had peak Mariano Rivera as their closer. I am by no means saying that they should have matched the ridiculous contract that the Phillies gave to Jonathan Papelbon. But it is worth noting that Alfredo Aceves is a thoroughly mediocre pitcher, and that teams who have mediocre pitchers pitching in the most important moments lose more leads than teams that have great pitchers pitching in them. This is one of those games, and it’s one of the many reasons that the Red Sox are not a playoff-caliber team.

I find it hilarious that Don and Jerry hurried to defend Bobby Valentine, as if the manager had no input in the decision to make the mediocre Aceves the closer in the first place. They also jumped all over home plate umpire David Rackley for calling the pitch before Mauer’s home run a ball; how DARE that umpire say that a pitch that didn’t catch the outside corner didn’t catch the outside corner? The NERVE!

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