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4:25 – INDIANS GET: 1B/LF Lars Anderson
RED SOX GET: RHP Steven Wright

Goog: Remember last year, when we were going to get Rich Harden for Lars Anderson? That was fun. Remember a few years before that, when he was either going to force us to trade Youk or let Ortiz walk? That was more fun. This is not fun. Goodbye, Lars. I used to think you were a can’t-miss. Now, I hate prospects. And it’s all your fault. Well, you and Michael Bowden.
Space: FINALLY, Lars Anderson is taking Casey Kotchman’s job! Fortunately, it’s happening in Cleveland instead of Boston.
Robbie: So long Lars. I’ll always remember that other time you were traded.
Space: Looks like Ben Cherington decided to do Lars a favor and let him have a shot at a major league job. Wright would be 100% minor league filler if not for being a knuckleballer; he still lacks the control to be considered anything useful, but hey, maybe the Sox will try to get Wakefield to coach him into something of value. But that’s about as likely as Craig Breslow kickstarting this team to a playoff run.
Robbie: Steven Wright? ……. thanks.

4:17 – RANGERS GET: RHP Ryan Dempster
CUBS GET: 3B Christian Villanueva and RHP Kyle Hendricks

Space: A couple of okay prospects here, but it’s a step down from the Randall Delgado return had Dempster not vetoed the trade to Atlanta last week.

REDS GET: RHP Jonathan Broxton
ROYALS GET: LHP Donnie Joseph and RHP J.C. Sulbaran Mystery solved

Space: Ouch. I honestly don’t get why, other than handedness issues, the Reds wouldn’t just promote Joseph instead of going after Broxton; if it WAS simply that they had too many lefties in the pen, I don’t understand why they didn’t pursue another righty reliever who wouldn’t cost them a guy with very impressive strikeout numbers in the minors. It’s not like they gave up a good young player to fill a real need in that bullpen, either.

4:10 – YANKEES GET: IF Casey McGhee

Robbie: You read that right folks, somebody actually wanted both of these guys. McGhee has actually been good against lefties this year, so that might explain this deal.
Goog: That explains why the Yankees did it, but how does it make sense for Pittsburgh? I guess they’re hoping a return to the National League will reinvigorate him, but it’s hard to see this as anything but a headscratcher. Still a good deadline overall for them, but this move feels like a slight misstep.

4:02 – Goog: Well, at least the Red Sox didn’t buy anything. Super stoked to watch Cody Ross and Kelly Shoppach play out the string on an 83-win team, though.

Robbie: There’s always the non-waiver deadline. I like this because at least it ensures that the team isn’t in “WIN NOW” mode and might actually be doing a minimal amount to prepare for the future.

Of course, as I say this, *bad deal* is announced out of nowhere.

4:00 – Space: Well, the deadline has passed, but that doesn’t mean nothing else is going to happen. We’ll stick around for a little while in case late news trickles out; I still expect to see at least one impact player get moved – there are too many teams in contention for all GMs to stay calm and play it cheap. Plus, we have to see who the Cubs are getting for a guy who seemed out of destinations in Dempster.

3:59 – Space: Sounds like after a week of Dodgers rumors and a last-minute push by the Yankees, Ryan Dempster will be heading to the Texas Rangers. I guess the potential to be on a playoff favorite, not just another playoff team like Atlanta, was too strong for him to veto?

3:46 – Goog: Less than 15 minutes left now, and the waters seem calm…is there one more big move coming?

3:29 – REDS GET: Jonathan Broxton
ROYALS GET: It is a mystery

Robbie: Despite the untimely death of Ryan Madson, the Reds actually have a fairly strong/healthy bullpen. This should give the team a chance to give Chapman a break should he need it.
Also of note, Broxton is fat. Unlike the editors of your favorite sporting blog, who regularly prepare for their day by tearing five phone books in half.
Goog: Only five? Keep up, dude.

3:27 – Space Tiny updates: RHP Kyle Kaminiska, who looks like organizational filler, is also heading to Pittsburgh as part of the Gorkys/Gaby swap; he’s not really good enough to matter, but the Pirates already looked like they came out ahead for me.

Meanwhile, Ken Rosenthal hasn’t confirmed Albers’ inclusion in the Breslow deal, but says it’s Podsednik and maybe a second player. It would amuse me if that player was worse than Albers.

3:22 – Space Sounds like Joe Blanton to Baltimore just just a matter of time. Speaking of portly JBs, the Reds are apparently after Jonathan Broxton; if they can’t upgrade their right-handed hitting, I suppose improving where they can find improvement is commendable.

3:03 – MARLINS GET: OF Gorkys Hernandez, draft pick
PIRATES GET: 1B Gaby Sanchez

Space: At 28, Sanchez isn’t really a prospect, but he’s a guy with solid minor league numbers who should help a Pittsburgh team that has gotten nothing from first base. For the Marlins, the real get here is probably the competitive balance draft pick, which marks a fun new era in tradeable assets within MLB.
Goog: Sanchez has also had two full MLB seasons posting an OPS+ above 100; no idea what happened to him this year, but he has had a fair amount of success at the big league level. Good move for Pittsburgh, as they emerge as one of the definite winners of this deadline.
Robbie: Sanchez is headed to Pittsburgh to protect the team in the event of a Nyjer Morgan attack.

2:59 – DIAMONDBACKS GET: RHP Matt Albers and OF Scott Podsednik
RED SOX GET: LHP Craig Breslow and the joy of not having Scott Podsednik

Space: I don’t want to sound optimistic or anything, but… this is exactly the sort of trade Boston should’ve made. They turned a mediocre bullpen arm and a veteran from AAA into a solid lefty reliever. Podsednik, for all his overperforming in the majors, looked terrible at AAA, so don’t think he’s suddenly turned a corner at 36.
Goog: Speculation is that the Sox want to put Morales back in the rotation, too; this would make that move a little more palatable. And hey, maybe they found a team willing to give something of value for Doubront!

An underrated aspect of this trade, also, is that the Red Sox found someone to take Podsednik away before Bobby V got the bright idea to have him lead off again. That was horrible, and I don’t care that it worked; the fact that it can’t possibly happen again is another good part of the trade.
Robbie: With Breslow back in the fold, the Red Sox get an important addition to their roster of players with molecular biophysics degrees.

2:48 – CARDINALS GET: RHP Edward Mujica

Goog: Really, trade deadline? This is what you’ve reduced us to? Mujica is a decent reliever who has been a little homer-prone in the past and has seen his K rate drop this year, but it’s probably just noise. Cox is a meh-looking 3B who had been rushed through the system for some reason. This is perhaps the most boring trade ever.
Space: The meh-looking and rush on Cox stick out to me as well, but he was a first-rounder in 2010, and Baseball America views him as a legitimate prospect. I don’t think that counts for TOO much, but it’s not nothing; basically, it seems like a high ceiling prospect to give up for Mujica, who’s likely to make more in arbitration than he’s worth.

Speaking of non-elite relievers making more than they’re worth, Nick Cafardo believes the Red Sox may be hoping for a reunion with Craig Breslow. I don’t mind marginal upgrades to a marginal team, but I’ll be enraged if he costs a real prospect or pushing Morales to the rotation is planned for a departing Lester or Beckett.

2:35 – Goog: Finally, something from the Red Sox! Rumor has it that they are looking for…a lefthanded reliever.


2:25 – Goog: Hey Man is now saying that Ryan Dempster would accept a trade to the Yankees. Unless he hears about it on Twitter first, presumably.

2:01 – Goog: Jayson Stark is saying that the Phillies won’t trade Cliff Lee, which indicates that Ruben Amaro knows the difference between guys to sell off now and pieces around which to build the next good Phillies team. I didn’t know he had that kind of competency.

Also! The Diamondbacks apparently scratched Patrick Corbin from his AAA start. With the rumors of Arizona trying to pull off a big move for a frontline starter (or dump Justin Upton, because contending teams should always trade away their best players), it’s easy to put two and two together and say something big could well be on the way.
Space: I’m uncertain that a 36-year-old Cliff Lee making $25 million in 2015 is going to be a piece to build around, but he’s also not someone who should be dumped just because the team is selling.

Meanwhile, we finally have more pieces for the Pence trade official – Schierholtz as well as RHP Seth Rosin are heading to Philadelphia. I’m not exactly seeing that tip the balance and make this a good trade for the Phillies.
Goog: Ideally for the Phillies they’ll be good again sometime before 2015, though. This reasoning is also why I don’t mind the Red Sox hanging onto Josh Beckett now even though he’ll be 34 and making $15 million in 2014.

1:53 – Goog: It wouldn’t be the trade deadline without Denard Span rumors! This time he’s supposedly maybe possibly gonna be on the move to Cincinnati, return unknown. If Francisco Liriano is any indication, the Twins will hang onto him for the next five years before finally flipping him to the White Sox for half a bag of Funyuns.

I hate Funyuns.

1:31 – Goog: Jon Heyman says that Nate Schierholtz and a pitcher are going to Philadelphia in the Pence deal, too; that’s a bit of a better return for the Phils, I guess. We’ll wait to officially change that until we get word from someone who isn’t on Scott Boras’ payroll.

1:20 – Space: Sounds like the Pence trade hit some sort of snag in the final stages, but it sounds more like minor details are being worked out rather than the whole thing being on hold. My guess is a PTBNL list or just finalizing the prospects for Philly.
Goog: No, you don’t get it. It’s TWITTER, man! These players hear they’ve been traded from TWEETS, from those KIDS with their dang CELL PHONES and GADGETS and whatnot! Then the teams have to not make the trade anymore, cause nothing really happens if you only hear about it on TWITTER!!!!@!!

Wait, when did we invite Jim Bowden to take part in this?

1:00 – Goog: Is it time to bitch about the Red Sox not doing anything yet? If not, I think we’re getting close. Guys like Ross and Shoppach are gone after the season; guys like Saltalamacchia and Aviles will never play on a winning Red Sox team (if for no other reason than that they are bad themselves). These players should be packing their bags, not getting ready to play the Tigers tonight.
Space: I still think 2012 could be a “winning” year for the Sox, but would agree with the underlying point that there’s no reason to keep Ross on an 82-win club. I’d imagine a full catcher turnover midseason isn’t happening, and with that in mind, I’d sell whomever draws the better return. Rooting for an Aviles trade is akin to rooting for Iglesias or Ciriaco to play every day, but hey, that’s the situation in which we’ve found ourselves; the downgrade there seems slight enough to be worth even a low-level prospect if Boston can get it.
Goog: Rooting for an Aviles trade now is also akin to rooting for Aviles to not be the starting shortstop next season, which right now is going to happen. That would be bad.

12:34 – GIANTS GET: OF Hunter Pence
PHILLIES GET: C Tommy Joseph

Space: The Phillies phire sale is moving along quickly now. After adding a reliever and a scouting-liked-but-raw pitcher for Victorino, Ruben Amaro has picked up a AA catcher with good power but very questionable ability to get on base. He’s a long way off, and is unlikely to be anything if he can’t stick behind the plate; I’m pretty surprised by the indication that he’s the only prospect involved here, but perhaps the reports are incomplete.

Pence, meanwhile, is a guy who the mainstream likes far too much but sabermetrics circles tend to underrate; I’d call him roughly comparable to Victorino in overall value – not an MVP-caliber superstar who will singlehandedly carry his team to the division title, but a very nice pickup for a contender. It also means a lot that unlike Victorino, he has another year of arbitration rather than free agency straight ahead of him.
Goog: I think it’s a little unfair to Victorino to say that he and Pence are about as good. It’s also worth noting that while Pence does have another year of arbitration ahead of him, it won’t exactly come cheaply; he makes $10.4 million this year, and will almost certainly see that number go up in 2013.
Space: Perhaps that was poorly worded; Victorino is a more valuable player, but I’d put them in the same group of “very good, not great” guys who should command actual prospects in return but wouldn’t be worth selling the farm.

12:20 PM
Rumors continue to mount that the Giants will counter the Dodgers and acquire Hunter Pence; if that happens, it could be a fun final three hours with the Dodgers still believed to be looking at more additions. Meanwhile, still nothing about the mystery ace targeted by Arizona; if I were Kevin Towers, I’d probably be viewing the division competitors’ moves as disincentive to make a big trade, considering the coin flip prospect of a wildcard berth.
Goog: Dan Haren’s Dan Haren, but the mystery ace could be anything! It could even be Dan Haren! You know how much they’ve wanted a guy like that! (This joke was funnier when Dan Haren was good, but I’ll still laugh at the Diamondbacks wanting an ace after giving him up for Joe Saunders.)

12:00 PM – Space: And here we go. Finally, with 4 hours to go, actual news.

DODGERS GET: OF Shane Victorino
PHILLIES GET: RHPs Josh Lindblom and Ethan Martin, plus PTBNL or cash

This one was rumored for a while, but Martin is the final piece that we hadn’t heard about yet. Lindblom is a pretty unremarkable reliever right now, but he’s 25 and cheap; Martin, a first-rounder from the 2008 draft, doesn’t look like anything special – he’s only reached AA, and still has too many walks for a guy with non-elite strikeout ability. This looks like a nice pickup for Ned Colletti; Victorino will give the Dodgers a leadoff man and a better center field defender than Matt Kemp.
Goog: Assuming they play him in center, which is a stretch. I think the new guy will move over to left to accommodate the guy who’s been there already, as with the Yankees having Ichiro play left instead of moving Swisher over. That said, this has the potential to be a very nice move for Philadelphia; scouts have raved over Martin for a while now, saying that he has the potential to be a #2 starter. If he ever figures out how to get the ball to go where he wants it, he could be something, though he isn’t exactly the first guy about whom that’s been said.

10:32 AM – Goog: The Cubs are also getting a player to be named later, or cash, from the Rangers in the Soto trade. Texas designated Yorvit Joejessica for assignment to make room for him.

10:10 AM – Goog: We’re back! And just in time, too; reports are coming out that the Phillies and Dodgers have a deal in place that would send Shane Victorino to Los Angeles. We will, of course, keep updating as the day goes on.

3:02 AM – SPACE GETS: a bagel

I was thinking about getting some sleep to be available Tuesday morning for any news, but the Rays and A’s have gone into the 15th. Meanwhile, Ken Rosenthal reports that “the Diamondbacks are trying to pull off a blockbuster for a premier starting pitcher.” I’ve been hoping someone buys low on Stephen Drew, but if that someone is the Red Sox and the premier starter is Josh Beckett or Jon Lester, I will likely not be a happy person. Outside of that, there are still quite a few good starters I wouldn’t be stunned to see on the move in the next 13 hours – Cliff Lee, Josh Johnson, Matt Garza, Ryan Dempster, James Shields… and hey, if the Phillies are really so desperate to clear some payroll, why not consider moving Roy Halladay?

That said, the Diamondbacks aren’t the team I’d picked to come out of nowhere to make a big acquisition in the final hours; my gut says the rumor mill has been far too quiet in Washington.

1:11 AM – DODGERS GET: RHP Brandon League
MARINERS GET: RHP Logan Bawcom, IF Leon Landry

Goog: Solid little win-now move for the Dodgers, I think. Landry has added some power to his game this year, but not all that much (8 HR is the most he’s hit at any level); he turns 23 in September and hasn’t learned to take a walk yet, which is troubling. He’s also yet to even sniff AA, which, again, is troubling. Bawcom, to my eye, is the more attractive piece, albeit only marginally so; he’s posted some pretty gaudy strikeout numbers over his three professional seasons, though they have come with a bit of a high walk total as well.

League is by no means a shutdown arm out of the pen, but he is a good guy to have, and facing some National League hitters will probably suit him well. He’s not a huge asset, especially given the fact that he’ll be a free agent after the year, but he also didn’t cost much in terms of actual prospects to acquire. Good move by Ned Coletti. (Woah, did I really just say that?)

Oh, the Mariners also sent Steve Delabar to Toronto for Eric Thames. Meh.
Space: I can’t really bring myself to care about low-minors relievers like Bawcom, but for a few months of a non-elite reliever like League, I can’t imagine Jack Z. getting much more. Thames is a respectable pickup for another fungible minor league reliever.

12:32 AM – PIRATES GET: OF Travis Snider

Goog: Wow. I love this trade for Pittsburgh. Snider has had an up-and-down run in Toronto, but he’s still just 24 years old and by all accounts has turned a legitimate corner this season. Lincoln is also a guy who’s struggled in the past but is succeeding in 2012, but there are two major differences: Lincoln is 27, and his success has come since being moved to the pen. If the Jays think that they know something Pittsburgh doesn’t and can make Lincoln a successful starter, AND they think that Snider is never going to materialize into anything, I guess I can see this making sense for them. Those are two very big leaps, though, and I think it’s more likely that Alex Anthopoulos just got flat out swindled by Neal Huntington.
Space: My kneejerk reaction was that Snider’s service time (2+ years) limits his value relative to Lincoln, but I hadn’t realized just how much younger he is. As noted, Snider’s improved discipline (so far only seen at AAA) is a nice development, whereas Lincoln’s upside seems to be “cost-controlled reliever.” Assuming Pittsburgh will be spending a bit more and won’t immediately dump Snider when he gets into arbitration, this looks like a low-risk, huge-reward gamble. The real question is whether the Pirates are done, or if they’ll be gunning for the division instead of hoping to hang in long enough to participate in the one-game wildcard matchup. The smart move would be the latter, especially with the Reds rumored to be looking at additions of their own.

12:30 AM – Goog: More hugs! This time it’s Angel Pagan in San Francisco. Was he traded for Snider? Wouldn’t make sense, but who knows with the Giants?

12:25 AM – Goog: Travis Snider just gathered his equipment and received a bunch of hugs from his teammates. Either he heard about the way the Cubs said goodbye to Soto and Johnson and decided to play a prank, or he’s on the move, destination TBA. We’re gonna be up all night!

12:00 AM – Goog: And here we are, once again, providing instant reactions and analysis and snark and whatever else it is that we bring to the table. Space Ochoa will be here as the day rolls on, Mister Robbie could make his presence felt, and for the next 16 hours we will be running nothing but caffeine and anxiety.

Mostly anxiety, actually. I’m out of caffeine. Let’s get this party started!

12:10 AM – Goog: There seems to be a resurgence of interest in Matt Garza. It was basically assumed that his injury would make teams shy away at the deadline, but perhaps they’re reconsidering their options. The Cubs have already been much, much more active this year than they were at the 2011 deadline, and it makes sense to think that that will only continue.

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