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Game 100 preview: The death march begins

Despite injuries and the best efforts of their incompetent manager, the Red Sox are (barely) alive in the American League playoff picture. At 49-50, they’re just four and a half games back of the “coveted” second Wild Card spot. So, despite the fact that they currently boast the 11th-best record in the American League, there is still the very-real fear that a front office which has been hijacked by the criminally insane Larry Lucchino will sell what little assets the Red Sox possess in a desperate, futile attempt at a few more weeks of relevance.

Thankfully, before the trade deadline, the Red Sox have to play the Yankees.

1. Jacoby Ellsbury CF – .282/.325/.385
2. Carl Crawford LF – .219/.265/.219
3. Dustin Pedroia 2B – .267/.323/.399
4. Adrian Gonzalez 1B – .291/.333/.432
5. Cody Ross RF – .261/.336/.535
6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C – .233/.286/.508
7. Will Middlebrooks 3B – .297/.326/.521
8. Daniel Nava DH – .250/.376/.401
9. Mike Aviles SS – .257/.281/.404

SP Aaron Cook – 36 IP, 3 K, 3 BB, 4 HR, 3.50 ERA, 4.59 FIP, 4.58 xFIP

Cook’s peripheral stats are more in line with where we would expect them to be after his poor last outing, and I can’t say that I expect them to get any better here. Having him face the Yankee lineup, in Yankee Stadium, is not a recipe for good things. Unless your definition of “good things” includes the team losing so as not to continue pursuing the playoffs in 2012, which mine sort of does.

As a side note, I admire Carl Crawford for sticking through his many injuries and coming back at all this year; he’s apparently been pressured by the team to do so, and the team has made no secret of the fact that they’d like him gone sooner rather than later. That having been said, I’d admire it a little more if he didn’t absolutely suck; a few line drives over the short porch over the next few days would be nice.

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