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Game 99 recap: Now we know

Pedro Ciriaco hit two seventeen-hop ground balls tonight. Naturally, both were singles.

Highest WPA: Will Middlebrooks, .080
Lowest WPA: Mike Aviles, -.108

In the preview, I wondered whether Bobby Valentine was stupid or just didn’t care. He wasted no time in providing an answer: He’s stupid. With Josh Beckett having labored through six and two thirds innings and over a hundred pitches, the Rangers had runners on the corners. Valentine trotted out to the mound, with two arms ready to go in the pen. And in a moment that showed Bobby takes his management cues from Grady Little, he left Beckett in.

The only surprise about what came next was the manner in which Texas took the lead; rather than a too-fat meatball driven for extra bases, it was a wild pitch that brought home the eventual winning run. The offense had chances after that, but couldn’t capitalize, and yet another winnable game was lost in what is quickly becoming a lost season.

Off day tomorrow, which hopefully won’t mean more time to focus on making a bad trade in an attempt to win now; the team should be looking forward to 2013, but I fear that they’ll either do nothing, or worse yet trade away future pieces for a pure rental.

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