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Game 97 preview: Felix, meet the Rangers

They’re much much much better at hitting than you are at pitching. Have fun!

1. Jacoby Ellsbury CF – .288/.329/.409
2. Carl Crawford LF – .318/.375/.318
3. Dustin Pedroia 2B – .265/.323/.393
4. Adrian Gonzalez 1B – .296/.337/.442
5. Cody Ross DH – .269/.343/.556
6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C – .228/.280/.492
7. Will Middlebrooks 3B – .285/.317/.502
8. Ryan Sweeney RF – .272/.317/.387
9. Mike Aviles SS – .262/.286/.412

SP Felix Doubront – 102 IP, 99 K, 38 BB, 15 HR, 4.24 ERA, 4.27 FIP, 3.83 xFIP

And hey, no Ciriaco anywhere. Throw in Ortiz in a couple of weeks, and the Red Sox’ lineup looks downright deadly for the first time in ages. Of course, by that time they’ll be four or five games below .500 and totally out of the playoff picture, but, you know, positives.

In other baseball news, we have the first somewhat major move as we head to the trading deadline: The Braves are sending Randall Delgado to the Cubs in exchange for Ryan Dempster, pending Dempster’s approval. Delgado has a pretty high ceiling, with most observers saying that he could be a #3 starter or better for the Cubs, but he’s yet to really put it together at the major league level, averaging four walks and just six and a half strikeouts per nine innings in his 24-start career to this point.

Dempster is definitely a solid boost to the Braves’ rotation, and while Delgado does have a high ceiling, it’s one that he may take a few years to reach, if he ever does. It’s a bit of a high price to pay for a pure rental, but if the Braves feel they have a shot at winning a title this year, it’s one that I can’t really fault them for paying. Plus, now there’s one less team to possibly swoop in and buy low on Lester.

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