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Game 95 preview: Ciriaco isn’t the DH!

He is in the lineup, though. Because we just HAVE to get him in there every day.

1. Daniel Nava RF – .259/.382/.416
2. Carl Crawford LF – .389/.450/.389
3. Dustin Pedroia 2B – .265/.325/.396
4. Adrian Gonzalez 1B – .295/.337/.435
5. Cody Ross DH – .273/.346/.564
6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C – .228/.281/.488
7. Will Middlebrooks 3B – .291/.323/.512
8. Ryan Sweeney CF – .274/.317/.387
9. Pedro Ciriaco SS – .366/.381/.488

SP Aaron Cook – 29.2 IP, 2 K, 2 BB, 2 HR, 3.34 ERA, 4.01 FIP, 4.66 xFIP

I don’t understand Bobby’s fascination with batting Pedroia third. If this was the healthy and awesome Pedroia we’re used to it might make sense, but that guy hasn’t been around since…what, April? If that?

I can’t complain too hard about Ciriaco being in the lineup when it means Aviles gets the day off, especially with Cook on the mound. Defense is the closest thing Ciriaco has to a Major League-worthy skill (yet another reason it was dumb for him to DH). It’s still annoying to me, though, that a non-talent like him gets some BABIP luck and winds up a regular starter.

Lastly, today’s “this guy I don’t like has sucked since some arbitrary point in time” stat: Jarrod Saltalamacchia has a batting line of .169/.244/.373 in 131 PA since June 1.

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