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Game 94 recap: Well, that was a thing that happened


Highest WPA: Kelly Shoppach .058
Lowest WPA: Josh Beckett, -.200

The WPA breakdown pretty much says it. Josh Beckett has proven a popular (and easy) target for rage since the offseason stories that came out (and even before, given his unathletic physique, but there’s more rage to go around these days), and tonight isn’t going to defuse that. His xFIP for the year is at 4.01, his worst since 2006, and tonight was pretty mediocre. With seven strikeouts in six innings, I’m not going to scream for his head or job, but a healthy handful of extra bases and walks mean I’m not going to laugh it off to the whims of the BABIP gods.

But in the end, this was a team loss. If you don’t score off of Aaron Laffey (Freudian near-typo: Lackey), you don’t deserve to win. The Sox had opportunities, most notably in the seventh when the 8-9 tandem of Aviles and Ciriaco reminded us of their uselessness, and didn’t capitalize enough to even tease a comeback. There is an element of poor situational luck when converting 10 baserunners (notable number: zero extra base hits) into just 1 run all night, but the bottom line is that Aaron Laffey, who didn’t start in the majors at all in 2011 and has a career ERA of 4.26 mostly in relief, has shut out the Boston Red Sox for 13 innings this year.

CIRIACO WATCH: Designated to “hit” today, despite his career .299 OBP in 815 minor league games, Ciriaco went 0 for 3 with a strikeout.

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