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Game 94 preview: Pedro Ciriaco is still the DH. I don’t get it either.

1. Jacoby Ellsbury CF – .281/.328/.368
2. Carl Craford LF – .429/.500/.429
3. Dustin Pedroia 2B – .265/.326/.398
4. Adrian Gonzalez 1B – .298/.340/.440
5. Cody Ross RF – .274/.348/.570
6. Will Middlebrooks 3B – .286/.319/.513
7. Kelly Shoppach C – .262/.350/.524
8. Mike Aviles SS – .261/.286/.412
9. …sigh… Pedro Ciriaco DH – .395/.410/.526

SP Josh Beckett – 95.1 IP, 72 K, 24 BB, 9 HR, 4.44 ERA, 3.60 FIP, 4.01 xFIP

Pedro Ciriaco has a .498 BABIP. In 40 plate appearances, he has walked once. He is not, by any means, a player who should have a regular spot in the lineup of any Major League team, and you could make a very strong case that he should not have a spot on the 40-man roster of any Major League team. And yet, he is the designated hitter for the Boston Red Sox. Again.

Nothing irritates me more than seeing a bad decision meet with favorable results in the short term, because it leads the people who made that decision to believe that it wasn’t a bad decision at all. When Mike Aviles looked like an all-star in April, I winced, knowing that no matter how poorly he played for the rest of the season, nobody would point out that it was stupid to give him the shortstop job over Marco Scutaro. (Mike Aviles’ line since May 1: .252/.272/.372. Marco Scutaro over that same time: .280/.333/.379. Since you asked.)

The same fate, I fear, will befall the Red Sox once Pedro Ciriaco stops having half of the balls he puts into play become base hits. Bobby will say something about how he just “needs to get it going again,” or that “we know the talent is there.” Hopefully, if we’re lucky, Ciriaco’s end will come when David Ortiz returns from the disabled list. In the meantime, the Red Sox have a hitter with no more hitting talent than their pitcher hitting as his surrogate. And that sucks.

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