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Game 92 recap: Red Sox win Lightning Round.


Highest WPA: Cody Ross, .221
Lowest WPA:  Mauro Gomez, -.040

If you live anywhere in the northeast today, chances are that you were hit by some pretty nasty thunderstorms. This includes Fenway Park, which necessitated a short rain delay before tonight’s contest.

I use the term “contest” loosely though because after three innings the Sox were already up 4-1 on Cody Ross’ first home run, and after four they were up 7-1 on Cody’s second home run, then up 8-1 on Adrian Gonzalez’ second home run of the series. Ross nearly hit a third home run in the sixth, but had to settle for a double. White Sox starter Pedro Hernandez made his major league debut in tonight’s game and gave up twelve hits and eight runs, being sent down immediately afterwards for his effort.

There’s so much to say after all of today’s news, but it’s nice to see the somewhat frightening sight of Cody Ross replacing David Ortiz paying off for at least one night. The possibly Miami-bound Carl Crawford got a hit and scored two runs , and Jacoby Ellsbury continued to hit. At this point it appears as if the Yankees are going to turn the division race into a laugher, but games like this one make it easier to feel confident that the team has a wild card spot in store for it.

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  1. July 19, 2012 at 3:09 AM

    When I saw Mauro Gomez listed as lowest WPA, I was confused because I thought he had been sent down. Turns out he had been, but was brought back because THE DAVID ORTIZ DL WATCH IS OVER!!! I guess the front office operates under the philosophy of “third time’s the charm” when it comes to putting injured players on the disabled list right away when they get hurt.

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