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Game 83 preview: The Empire cometh

It seems a bit silly to call the Yankees the evil empire when the Red Sox (the rebellion, I guess?) spend nearly as much and are mostly in trouble because they refuse to spend even more despite clearly having the capability to do so. (Buy a brick!) Still, I’m rolling with it, if only because this series is probably going to make Fenway Park into our own personal Alderaan: The empire comes in, blows everything to shit with little effort, then goes on its merry way.

1. Daniel Nava LF .286/.401/.448
2. Ryan Kalish CF .231/.259/.269
3. David Ortiz DH .302/.391/.607
4. Cody Ross LF .275/.350/.550
5. Adrian Gonzalez 1B .275/.323/.404
6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C .245/.295/.528
7. Mauro Gomez 3B .311/.366/.614 (AAA)
8. Mike Aviles SS .261/.283/.411
9. Nick Punto 2B .180/.295/.247

After hurting himself nearly two months ago now and then being basically terrible since then, Dustin Pedroia will FINALLY hit the disabled list soon. Will Middlebrooks, of course, will not, because the Red Sox apparently believe that their team is so awesome that having 25 active players at a time is unfair.

I will be umpiring a little league game tonight and will miss the first few innings of this one; on the other hand, I will probably see more plate discipline and better third base defense than what the Red Sox have to offer. I’ll be back after the game with a recap, and with the massive amounts of negativity I’ve poured into this I wouldn’t be surprised if we somehow put up 11 runs.

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