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Game 82 preview: Did you miss the first half?

If so, fate and the Red Sox front office have kindly provided you with a recap: Everybody’s hurt, and the team isn’t doing smart things to fill the holes. Observe:

1. Daniel Nava LF .293/.410/.460
2. Ryan Kalish CF .250/.280/.292
3. David Ortiz DH .301/.389/.599
4. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C .250/.300/.538
5. Adrian Gonzalez 1B .275/.324/.406
6. Mauro Gomez 3B .311/.366/.614 (AAA)
7. Cody Ross RF .280/.355/.559
8. Mike Aviles SS .264/.285/.415
9. Nick Punto 2B .184/.294/.253

Once again, the Red Sox are refusing to put an injured player on the DL after he’s missed several games, clearly on the hope that he’ll be able to return within 15 days and not caring at all that said return would be met with a handful of games of terrible hitting when he regains his timing.

In the long term, this means that Will Middlebrooks is going to be bad for a while. In the short term, it means that Mauro Gomez, who hasn’t played played third base at all since 2009 and hasn’t played ten games there since 2006, is playing third base today with a major ground ball pitcher on the mound.

And yes, Bobby Valentine did put Ryan Kalish in the #2 spot with Pedroia hurting his thumb (again) and needing to sit. What’s sad is that Kalish is only slightly worse a hitter than Pedroia’s been since missing time with the thumb injury to begin with.

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