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Game 81 preview: We’re halfway there

And, for the most part, the Red Sox’ hopes are living on a prayer. How else can you explain Scott Podsednik hitting over .400 for a couple of weeks and then getting hurt before he could crash back to earth?

1. Daniel Nava LF .293/.408/.463
2. Dustin Pedroia 2B .268/.327.404
3. David Ortiz DH .301/.388/.602
4. Cody Ross RF .286/.362/.571
5. Adrian Gonzalez 1B .272/.322/.405
6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C .250/.301/.529
7. Ryan Kalish CF .250/.283/.295
8. Mike Aviles SS .263/.283/.416
9. Nick Punto 3B .193/.306/.265

Salty’s struggled of late (.664 OPS over his arbitrarily selected last nine games), so that probably explains dropping him to sixth and moving Ross into the cleanup spot. The Sox also made a roster move, putting Dice on the DL with a sore neck and bringing up Mauro Gomez. I’m sure Kalish and especially Mortensen are glad to see that; one more scrub on the roster means one more spot that can be more easily filled when the outfield cavalry comes back.

An aside: The Red Sox just went through a month where Dustin Pedroia got hurt, sat for a week, then jumped right back into the lineup and sucked. Why are they doing the exact same thing with Will Middlebrooks?

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