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Game 80 recap: Well, that sucked.

Do they have any more former outfielders of ours that I should worry about?

Highest WPA: Dustin Pedroia, .073
Lowest WPA: Daisuke Matsuzaka, -.395

Not too much you can say about this one, which is convenient cause I don’t feel like saying much. Dice got spotted a run in the top of the first, then gave it and three more back before getting pulled in the second inning. Clayton Mortensen did a really nice job putting out the fire and pitching through the sixth inning; what could have been a really bad situation turned into one guy stepping up and saving everyone else. And Melancon had two Ks in two perfect innings, too, which is nice.

Going from Seattle to Oakland didn’t make the offense look good all of a sudden, which is unfortunate. Pedroia had a couple of hits, but really the guys who the team counted on to produce, David Ortiz excluded, just haven’t. It’s great that Salty has started hitting for major power and that Ross is having a career year and that Nava might be breaking out (although his days on the roster could be numbered), but at some point Pedroia and Gonzalez need to start hitting if this team is going to make a run at the playoffs.

Those are long-term problems, though. Right now, the focus is on tomorrow, with Jon Lester going up against Bartolo Colon. On paper we should win that one, but on paper we should win more than two of five games against Seattle and Oakland, so, yeah.

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  1. July 3, 2012 at 12:59 AM

    I remain beyond confused at Gonzalez’ continued futility. In the last 28 days, he has hit .281/.324/.385; there just haven’t been any non-momentary reasons to think he’s coming out of this slump, nor have we seen much reason for his struggles; his 6.7% HR/FB and 22% LD rate suggest he’s been a little unlucky with so little power, but the disappearance of his plate discipline is a complete mystery.

    The team has come this far with limited games from its top 4 outfielders and nothing from its 1B, so I won’t rule out a postseason berth even if these prolonged slumps continue – but it’s absolutely astonishing that they HAVE hung in there as long as they have. To do more than play a depressing 163rd game and spite a rival, they’ll definitely need something more – maybe the 4 day break next week will cure both Pedroia’s thumb and Gonzalez’ eyes. Maybe Crawford will come back with something to prove. Maybe Ellsbury is the MVP-caliber player we saw last year. Or maybe they’ll take recent struggles by Doubront and Dice as a cue to pounce on one of several top starters likely to be moved this month. Still, a record payroll for the franchise ought to have put them in position to say more than “maybe.”

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