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Game 77 recap: DINGERS

Pictured: DINGERS.

Highest WPA: Aaron Cook, .281
Lowest WPA: David Ortiz, -.065

Let me just say one thing first: Aaron Cook is not as good as the Mariners made him look tonight. Nobody, in the entire history of baseball, is as good a pitcher as the Mariners made Aaron Cook look tonight. I’d guess that nobody in the world is or has ever been as good at anything as the Mariners made Aaron Cook look at pitching tonight. All that having been said, he is pretty good. He throws strikes, gets ground balls, and when put against an offense like the Mariners can reel off a complete game shutout on less than 100 pitches, and make it look easy.

Daniel Bard, by the way, walked three guys and hit a batter tonight. At Pawtucket. Thanks for letting him be a starter, guys.

The offense looked pretty dead again for the first four innings, but then in the fifth Middlebrooks, Ross and Nava went deep, and in the sixth Ortiz hit a double and Salty followed by driving one out for the fourth and fifth runs. That was more than Cook needed, and it was just about all the offense could muster; outside of what I just described, the rest of the offense consisted of four hits and a couple of walks.

Josh Beckett returns for a semi-rehab start tomorrow; it’ll be interesting to see how he does, and what the Sox do with the rotation going forward.

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