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Game 78 preview: Beckett activated; McDonald DFA

That may call my objectivity on this matter into question just a bit. Oh well.

By all accounts Darnell McDonald is a fine human being; he plays hard, talks to the media, and all that other jazz that people care about. He’s not even that bad at baseball, really; there are scads and scads of teams that would be thrilled to have an OPS+ in the low to mid 80s from its fifth outfielder. (We’re playing one of them tonight; the Mariners are still rolling out Chone “.187/.247/.284” Figgins as their primary left fielder.)

Darnell’s job when he was with the Red Sox was to hit lefties, play decent outfield defense and pinch run for the bigger, slower bats. Unfortunately, either through injuries or through managers falling in love with him, too often that turned into more regular playing time than a guy with a sub-.310 OBP should really get, and I came to resent him very much. So it is with not a small amount of joy that I share the news that he has been designated for assignment, clearing a spot for Josh Beckett.

The Red Sox are now carrying 13 pitchers, which is not something I condone but which will almost certainly be a very temporary situation. Clayton Mortensen should be packing his bags, assuming he bothered to empty them in the first place; when the next outfielder to return from the DL gets here, he’s almost certainly the man to make the trip back down to AAA. Assuming, of course, that nobody gets hurt before then, which is not exactly set in stone, especially this season.

Same lineup as last night. Hopefully by the end of this one we won’t be reminded that Brent Lillibridge still has a job and is even worse at baseball than Darnell.

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