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Punk’s promo (and what it means)

(In case you’ve DVR’d the show and haven’t seen it yet, this post contains spoilers for the June 27 edition of Monday Night Raw.)

At the end of a fairly entertaining but also pointless Raw, CM Punk took a microphone and sat on the stage, where he proceeded to cut a scathing promo against John Cena, Vince McMahon, and WWE as a whole. Among other things, he said that he is sick and tired of the notion that John Cena is the best, that Vince McMahon is an idiot who surrounds himself with yes-men, and that there’s little hope that the company will get better when Vince dies because he’s just going to leave it in the hands of his equally incompetent daughter and son-in-law.

These things may or may not be true. Whether or not they are, for the sake of the story WWE is telling, is completely irrelevant. This was not, by any logical stretch of the imagination, a shoot promo, and anyone who treats it as such should be sterilized. Every word he said, every promotion he mentioned, every name he dropped, was cleared with WWE well before he took the mic. And here’s the biggest thing you should take away from Punk’s promo: It doesn’t mean anything is going to change. In fact, if anything, it means the opposite.

Why? Because it was a heel promo.

Think back to all the times a heel has come out and said that WWE (or the WWF) sucks. Think back to Chris Jericho in 1999. Think back to Paul Heyman, during the horribly botched InVasion angle in 2001. Hell, think back to the Nexus angle just last year. Heels attack the company because it’s good, easy heat with 95% of the fanbase. Punk even went so far as to antagonize the small section of crowd that cheered him as he was cutting the promo tonight.

If you honestly think that CM Punk’s promo tonight was some statement by WWE that they’re aware of the problems plaguing the company, and that they’re going to fix them, you’re sadly mistaken. It was just a good heel promo with some worked-shoot elements, cut by the best wrestler in a sinking company.

So what does it mean? Nothing, really. But it was fun to watch.

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