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Sweet mother of mercy…

…what have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE?

Probably nothing of consequence, really. In the grand scheme of things, starting a nerdy sports blog is roughly as important as hailing a cab or buying a novelty paperweight shaped like an old British phone booth. The difference is that those mundane things aren’t going to affect the lives of thousands–er, hundreds–er, dozens…well, of people.

At least two people to be exact. In due time I’ll be joined by the indomitable Space Ochoa, a man for whom one blog just isn’t enough. In theory he’s supposed to provide a more reasoned and nuanced voice, in contrast with my raving lunacy, but in practice the biggest difference between us is that he spells “humor” with a U. I’d say that he only does it because it makes him seem smarter, but if you’ve read this far you should have gathered that I’m more than a little guilty of that myself.

Our topics will range as wide as the day is long, of that you can be sure. Within a year (if we’re still doing this) I fully expect that we’ll have at least touched on gender biases in modern bull riding, the role of the vertically challenged in professional wrestling, and maybe even something truly out there like hockey or basketball. In addition we’ll have a whole lot of talk about baseball and football; Space and I did a little liveblog thing at the MLB trade deadline last year, and I at least would like to see that come back.

I’m sure we’ll see each other again long before then, though exactly when I cannot say. State secrets and all. You understand.

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